Welcome to The ValCap Group, LLC

The ValCap Group is a private-equity real estate investment firm that holds a portfolio of about 6,000 apartments plus commercial spaces.

ValCap was formed to provide strong rates of return to our investors through an intensive hands on acquisition, repositioning, and management model.  Our decades of experience in the real estate industry is enhanced with the integration of technology and disciplined principles applied from other industries.

 We focus on undervalued multifamily assets with good fundamentals that have available upside potential.  Our knowledgeable construction and management teams can efficiently turn an asset around through comprehensive upgrades and hands on management.

With our nationwide presence we are ideally suited for identifying, acquiring and operating multifamily assets.  This process begins with leads coming in from our network of brokers, property owners, and several listing services.  Our key personnel expertly examine properties quickly and accurately before a purchase is made.  A comprehensive plan from acquisition to disposition allows us to effectively forecast investor return. Read more

Richard Fishman to speak at Crittenden Multifamily Conference

A big week for ValCap!

ValCap’s largest transaction – 1,331 units – acquired in Central Houston July 25

Special thanks to Michael Thompson of CBRE who arranged the financing, and to Clint Duncan and Matt Philips, also of CBRE, who brokered the sale of three related properties. Such a large transaction takes a team effort, and shout outs go to Christine Fete, our in-house legal counsel, Christie Willis, our Regional Property Manager, and the rest of the ValCap Team.

Our purchase of the Westchase portfolio sealed a transaction that’s the largest in ValCap’s history. These three properties – Westchase Estates, Westchase Grand, and Westchase Preserve – are a value-add deal with which we have budgeted two years to complete remodeling and improvements.

During those two years we expect the property value of the portfolio to increase significantly. Houston, a diverse metropolis of almost 7 million and an area larger than Rhode Island, is one of the hottest multifamily markets in the country. Given its rapid growth, Houston is projected to become the third-largest city in the United States. For good reason it is called the city of the future, and ValCap is enthusiastic about investing in Houston’s future.

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More exciting news!

ValCap has acquired a new asset in central Ohio just three miles from Ohio State University. This property is in one of the fastest growing cities in the nation, and will be remodeled over the next two years.

This is such thrilling time for our firm! We began this journey in the multifamily industry in the San Francisco Bay Area in the 1990’s, and now we are looking to have more than 10,000 units in the next few years. We are only as strong as our team, so a huge thank you to everyone who had a hand in bringing us this new opportunity: Michael Thompson of CBRE who arranged the financing, Christine Fete who dotted all the I’s and crossed the T’s in our legal department, Christie Willis, Greg McClellan, and the rest of the ValCap team.

We will keep this page updated with upcoming news about future deals. For potential investment opportunities, send a message to sfishman@valcapgroup.com.



ValCap Widens Footprint in Texas Markets

In its April 9 issue, The Apartment Report identifies The ValCap Group as a company “looking to expand into Houston metro and widen its footprint in the Texas markets.” ValCap is doing exactly that, most recently with our purchase of the 304-unit Trails At Lake Houston Apartments in Houston. In February ValCap purchased a mixed-used office/residential building at 3203 McKinney Avenue in Dallas, and relocated our offices there.

ValCap’s interstate footprint also has widened, with our purchase in January of the 149-unit Next Loft Apartments in Bluffton, South Carolina. ValCap now has ownership interest in commerical properties in five states: Texas, Tennessee, Indiana, Pennsylvania, and South Carolina. ValCap properties are listed on our Transactions page.

Careers at ValCap Group

ValCap is seeking enthusiastic, energetic and experienced individuals with backgrounds in the multi-family industry. Demonstrating a go-getter attitude, problem-solving perspective, and people-oriented, service-minded personality will get our full attention. If you are one of these individuals, and are looking for a dynamic, fast-paced career with opportunities for rapid advancement, please contact Susann Fishman at sfishman@valcapgroup.com. Our offices are in Dallas.